open source solutions for your geo-data

Adaptation — Publication – Visualization

We propose a flexible solution for your geo-data that can be adapted to various use cases.

For instance, you can contact us for the creation of a single geoportal. However, if you need many portals, we are also able to create a more complex infrastructure to handle all these portals.

From a technical standpoint, this modern product is based on the current web technologies (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3). It works on all the major web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer >= 10). The interface is also responsive and compatible with desktops, smart-phones and tablets.

Our solution is 100% open source

For your information :

Our product is based on mf-geoadmin3, a set of open source components created by Swisstopo (Swiss Federal Office of Topography). For open source developers, it is called a friendly fork. This means that we use exiting (and well written) open source softwares while trying to develop collaborative processes.

From a collaborative standpoint, on the one hand, we developed and are maintaining constructive exchanges with Swisstopo, whose members we thank for their astonishing work.

On the other hand, we thank sigeom sa, a Swiss geometer company, for their understanding of the importance of open source investments and contributions.


With your geoportal, you will be able to:


And also

Demonstration website

Test our demo located at


This sample has no other useful purpose than to demonstrate the functionalities of the solution.

You can access to a full featured with real data and usage like the regional cartographic portal of Bernese Jura :




According to your needs, we do the integration with your own infrastructure.


Training, contractual support

We offer training and support, assistance by contract. Please contact us for a quote.



On request, we propose hosting solution for your geoportal.



For commercial usage of the solution, we propose an annual subscription, with a support part, and also dedicated help for your infrastructure.

The subscription payed by commercial users allow then to improve globaly the project's sustainability.


geo-data integration

With the help of dedicated partners, all highly specialized in data treatment, we propose you an offer for a whole and complete service stack.

Please contact us, and tell us your needs!



The primary objective of the project is to benefit as much as possible from the open-source synergy.

High priority is given to follow newest features from Swisstopo code, and integrate them as fast as possible./p>

All developments will be done under the respective repository open-source license. So every participant will get updates from the global efforts.

Come back soon to read the detailed process for enhancement and co-sharing cost model.


Achievements solutions are already used by :

Thanks for their trust, collaboration and support.


Code source

All components are published on


All our documentation is published on


The quick start guide can be found at

Getting started »

Currentyl, the videos are only available in french.

Components presentation

Length: 4:05

Explanations about code management

Length: 3:45

Full tutorial getting started

Length: 40:00


Dedicated applications development

We also develop small and targeted mapping applications for needs either occasional or specific to your field.

Thanks to these small applications, we will be able to:

More »

Contact us to speak about it

Whether you are a non profit organization, a city, a geometer company, an industrial service or a urban community, our solution can adapt to your needs and usages.

Since our solution is open source, you are not paying for license fees but for the service needed to adapt the solution to your needs and contribute to its evolution (updates, new features, etc.).

We are also able as an IT service provider to propose different options to host your portal(s).

Please contact us so we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Thanks for you visit!